Jesus Gil Escoin, S.A. is a family business founded in 1958 by Jesus Gil Escoin. It has long been and it is now owned by the founder's family. With a long tradition in manufacturing paper packaging and machinery, the company produces sacks and machines since its foundation, and bags since 1994.

The company was born from the needs of cement manufacturers in the Iberian Peninsula to fill up paper bags with cement, which previously were made with materials such as jute. The evolution from the beginning, producing handmade bags, has reached today the use of the latest technologies. Zaragoza's headquarters was originally a workshop and factory machinery supplier, but later became a factory of paper bags due to the market and costumers needs. Gil Escoin manufactured machinery for Spain and exported to countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, which allowed the company to develop a great, know how in the manufacturing of sacks and bags, and in the machine’s configuration, maintenance and production process from a global perspective.

The quality standards of the company require a constant innovation and investment process in new technologies, which has positioned the company as a benchmark in Spain and Europe, which exports 20% of total production.

In recent years, Gil Escoin has opened to the market of retail products, expanding its usual spot in the industrial clients to also commercial bags. Actually the company is the largest producer of industrial bags in the Iberian Peninsula, its experience and production capacity allow the company to be very competitive in the commercial sector. Customer is served directly, without intermediary’s trade, benefiting the client in the final product price.

Design Center


The integration of the design center gives a full autonomy to Gil Escoin in the production of bags and sacks. It has equipment to manufacture clichés and designs in actual size for final production. Gil Escoin also has its own consulting services, for only consulting and also design of new models. The company has a data bank of designs for clients as well as a complete laboratory for the study of inks.



The company has two locations, Zaragoza, where are located the departments of administration, prepress, design and manufacture of bags, and the Albalate del Arzobispo plant in Teruel, dedicated to the manufacture of sacks. The center of Zaragoza is the largest in production in Iberia for industrial bags with a capacity to produce over 40 million units per year. The Albalate del Arzobispo center is one of the most modern factories in Europe producing sacks, with a capacity of 140 million bags. The quality in all processes, improvement and investment are constant.